About Us

I’m Jeff, I have been in the Powder Coating business since 2005. Before starting Powder Coating of Columbus, I owned and successfully ran Diamond Paint, a home and industrial paint company specializing in home/business interior and exterior painting.

I was ready to move into an exciting new paint process known as powder coating. I have the experience and education to be the best in this specialized field!

The colors and finishes now available are absolutely amazing. Blacks in gloss and mat are always a popular choice but if you are into rad colors that at one time were only available in paint are now not only available but much more durable than paint. Check out our Gallery for some of the things that have been baked right here in our oven!

At Powder Coating of Columbus, we are a custom job shop. We handle all powder jobs, large and small. We guarantee customer satisfaction.

Come on by the shop for an estimate on your job. We prefer to do estimates in person. However if you can send us a picture of your item at powdercoatingofc@bellsouth.net, we can give you an estimated based on the color powder you chose and if it is a special order. So give us a call or stop by!

Thanks for visiting!

Jeff Maunz, Owner